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Stairwell&Loft is a highly acclaimed, award-winning and multi-published architecture and interior design studio. It is renowned for their unique approach to interiors, which seamlessly incorporates the principles of art, light, and ambiance. The studio specializes in crafting spaces that are perfectly adapted to the specific surroundings, and capturing the distinctive essence of each individual client.

Boran Petljak, the founder and lead designer of the studio, and his talented multidisciplinary team of architects and designers are united in the mutual mission: to prioritize and cater to the human needs and desires in all their creations, all the while transforming space into an evocative emotional experience. As a long-term lecturer of interior design at ASPIRA University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb, Boran remains dedicated to enlightening both aspiring students and clients about the captivating and transformative aspects of design that go beyond conventional boundaries.

Josipa Strganca 6
HR-10000 Zagreb

+385 98 212 744
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